What is knowledge modelling?

Knowledge modelling in Rainbird is about representing your domain of expertise, including how you make decisions, solve problems and apply your knowledge in a way that can be interpreted by our engine to reason, make decisions, and solve problems in a manner similar to yourself.

Using the Rainbird Studio, you can build models of your knowledge as a Knowledge Map (KM), without having to write any code.

The goal of building a Knowledge Map is to be able to query it (i.e. ask it a question) and for the reasoning engine to use the logic and data encoded within it to be able to provide you with a query result.

The guides in this section will help you understand the features of the Rainbird Studio necessary to build the structure and logic of a knowledge map and test it by making queries to it.

More detailed training is available in the Rainbird Academy, which provides practical examples of how you can use these features.

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