Concept instances


For any given concept a concept instance is its data. You can think of concept instances as examples of the concept. i.e. given a concept of Country, the instances could be France or Germany.

Only concepts with a string data type allow you to create your own instances.

Concepts with a data type of number, date or true/false do not require instances to be explicitly created

  • Number types - instances are any numerical value

  • Date types - instances are any valid date

  • True/false types - instances are true or false

Opening a concept with a string data type will display an instances section and you can add instances like this:

Concept instance names must be:

  • Unique

  • 2,000 characters or less

  • Not contain quotation marks "


Additional information about a concept instance can be added as metadata, if it is necessary to provide further context about it e.g. providing an explanation of a particular tax code.

This data can be presented to end-users, if required, when the instance is referenced in a question or a result from Rainbird.

The image below shows an example of Metadata added to a concept instance. This input can be expanded for large metadata:

The below image shows an example of how the Metadata could be presented with a result:

This data can also be formatted using markdown. More details can be found on supported markdown here.

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