Onboarding with Rainbird

Once you're ready for onboarding onto our Enterprise platform we'll provide the support you need to get set up and automating decisions.

1. Setup your org

We will setup your organisation in the Rainbird platform under which everything else will be configured.

2. Create your accounts

Once you've nominated users and roles, we will set these up for you. You can then login and start creating workspaces to manage your models.

3. Schedule training

For those that will be building or maintaining Rainbird models, we have a range of dedicated training courses available in our Rainbird Academy.

4. Delivering your first Rainbird-powered solution

If you need it, we can provide additional services direct, or via one of our partners, to help you create and integrate your first models, ensuring you can maximise the benefit of automated decisions.

5. Ongoing support

We will always be on-hand to provide production support for your models, help you further refine and enhance your models or expand into new use cases.

If you are adopting one of our alternative hosting options then we will also provide you additional engineering support to get setup before we begin this onboarding.

However, we can always fast-track some activities such as training and project planning whilst deployments happen in parallel.

Of course, regardless of hosting options, your Risk teams will want to be undertaking compliance on us and our platform. We are ISO27001 compliant, HIPAA certified and have been approved for use by governments and financial institutions, so this shouldn't be a problem. But it's best to get this process started soon.

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