What is Rainbird?

Rainbird is a platform to design and automate complex decisions, which you can integrate into your processes, products or services to scale your business.

We want teams to be able to work more efficiently and to provide better customer experiences by delegating complex or regulated operational decisions to AI models that are explainable, reliable & traceable.

Our mission is to provide AI the world can trust.

Our approach to this is simple. We enable people to:

  1. visually encode their expertise,

  2. deploy these to automate complex decision-making, with flexible integration options,

  3. provide explainability for each decision made.

Video overview

Got 2 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:

The Rainbird platform includes the following:

  1. Studio - a web-based application for modelling decisions as Rainbird Knowledge Maps. This application includes everything you need to build, test, publish and manage knowledge maps to automate your decisions.

  2. Integration services - a variety of options for integrating automated decision-making into your systems:

    1. Rainbird Agent - pre-built application for getting decisions from Rainbird. This can be configured and deployed from the Studio.

    2. Workflow Designer - design and deploy workflows that can be triggered from your systems, gets decisions from one or more knowledge maps and update your systems with the decisions and evidence. Available from the Studio.

    3. APIs & SDKs - ideal for those with access to software developers and/or want to create a bespoke solution.

    4. 3rd party connectors - a range of connectors for 3rd party automation platforms are supported, such as UiPath, BluePrism and Microsoft PowerAutomate. Ideal for those that already use these platforms and take a low-code approach to solutions.

Wondering what you can do with Rainbird? or how you can integrate automated decisions into your business? See our use case examples for inspiration.

Example use cases

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