What is evidence?

Rainbird can provide evidence for every decision made. This transparency provides explainability and traceability, which ensures important decisions can be automated, trusted and audited.

We have a range of methods available to view evidence data visually, or for programmatic access via API.

Evidence can also be provided from different perspectives. When combined this provides a 360 degree view of decisions made.

This includes:

This is a log of interactions with the engine, including any questions and answers going back and forth between the end-user and Rainbird. This provides an external view of what data was provided to the model, and the decision(s) made. For Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) this can often be enough to determine whether the decisions provided aligns to their own judgement, based on the input data. If further introspection is required, then the evidence for each decision can also be accessed. Interaction History can be accessed from the Studio under Stats & Reporting. The data can also be accessed via API from the /interactions end-point.

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