Match, Infer, Ask process

When trying to determine if a condition can be met, Rainbird broadly follows a Match, Infer, Ask process. The acronym β€˜MIA’ can help you to recall this.

  • Match Rainbird will first look at the facts it already knows, to see if the condition can be directly satisfied. Rainbird will consider relationship instances directly asserted in the knowledge map, relationship instances previously created while running the current query, and relationship instances that can be provided by an external data source.

  • Infer If Rainbird has been unable to match a condition against a fact, it will attempt to satisfy the condition by generating appropriate relationship instances through running any rules that are provided for the relationship in question.

  • Ask If Rainbird has been unable to infer a fact it will ask the end user a question. If the user provides an answer a new relationship instance will be created which Rainbird can attempt to use to satisfy the condition once more.

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