Formatting can be applied to some content that is displayed to an end-user at runtime to enhance the user experience, by ensuring information is easier to read.

This formatting can be applied to the following:

  1. Concept instance metadata (can be displayed when the instance is referenced in a question or if the instance is returned as a result)








Header 1

# Header 1

Header 1

Header 2

## Header2

Header 2

Header 3

### Header 3

Header 3

Numbered list

1. Item 1 2. Item 2

  1. Item 1

  2. Item 2

Bullet list

-Item 1

- Item 1a -Item 2 - Item 2a Note: Indent requires 4 spaces or tab

  • Item 1

    • Item 1a

  • Item 2

    • Item 2a

Inline link with title on hover

[Click here!]( "Google")

Link without title

[Click here](

Rainbird agents will display the markdown formatting for question wording and instance metadata by default.

If implementing a custom solution, it is recommended to discuss these display requirements with your development team.

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