Building an Evidence Tree URL

Within the Rainbird Studio access is provided to a visual representation of the Evidence Tree.

Whilst this is designed primarily for Rainbird Authors, rather than end-users, some clients wants to store a link to the Evidence Tree alongside query results within their own systems for audit purposes.

Where this is necessary Evidence Tree URL can be programmatically built with the following data:

  • URL structure

  • Hostname

  • Fact ID

  • Session ID

URL Structure

The Evidence Tree app URL is structured as follows:



The following details the Studio and API hostname for some of our environments:

EnvironmentStudio hostnameAPI hostname


Enterprise (UK & Europe)

Enterprise (South America)

Example private environment

An example for Enterprise (UK & Europe) would be:[FACT_ID]&api=[SESSION_ID]

Fact ID

The ID used to fetch the evidence tree that lead to this decision. Received in the resultResponse for each object in the result array. i.e. if there are multiple results to a query, there will be a Fact ID for each result.

Session ID

The ID for the session in which the results are provided. Received from the /start request.

Evidence Security

In order to ensure the Evidence Tree can be accessed via the URL a method to pass the evidence key in the header needs to be established, or link sharing needs to be enabled.

Further information on this can be found in the Evidence Tree section.

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